How well is your website performing in search?

The answer to that question goes farther than the google rank on the predominant keyword.  The conscientious marketer considers many facets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Onsite criteria, offsite activity, directory listing information, consumer reviews, social media stats, and more.  It can be difficult to and time consuming to assemble this information at all and even harder to keep up with it through regular monitoring.

Take the 1st step to excel at search

ServExceed likes to introduce ourselves by providing a preliminary analysis and SEO report that will reveal any website’s strengths and weaknesses in all of the areas mentioned.

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Customer Empathy as a Marketing Strategy

How do we choose the right products or services for us?  This may depend on many things, such as:

Do I have the budget?
Does it provide value and usefulness?
Are we feeling better or more accomplished if we purchase those goods or services?

Customer empathy is about building a connection between a customer and a service provider by the oldest way known, the way all relationships develop, by putting yourself in the place of the other.  The service provider is charged with discovering the target prospect’s point of view, delivering the solution that works best, in a convenient time frame, and at a fair […] Read more