Call Review & Reporting

When investing handsomely in advertising and lead generation, it is crucial to monitor how well call handlers convert opportunities into appointments, and monitor the quality of those leads.  Recording and reviewing phone calls accomplishes both.

Call review tracks how well call center reps are handling incoming calls. It reveals whether or not the call center team is effective, compliant, and rendering excellent customer service. Call review and reporting actually benefit all parties involved. It is a powerful way to increase the performance of a call center and enhance the customer’s experience.

Benefits Include:

  • Identify issues before they become problems
  • Improve agent performance
  • Document quality standards for customer experience
  • Foster a reputation for providing excellent customer service
  • Increase conversion rates of opportunity calls to booked appointments
  • Reduce employee turnover by offering data driven opportunities for constant growth and improvement
  • Maximize return on valid leads and sales revenue by tracking the performance of various ad sources
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Lead Validation Defense

When each incoming call from a pay per lead program is billed, checking to be sure they are actual opportunities is time consuming but necessary.  Utilize ServExceed’s Call Review services to monitor calls and dispute invalid leads within each system.  This program reviews leads within the parameters set by each program, reports and bills monthly.  The reports provided describe each call listened to, whether or not the call was disputed, and whether or not it was refunded. Lead refund amounts are guaranteed to exceed the review costs.

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Call Review Challenge

Most call based business owners believe the call takers in their employ book far more opportunities into appointments than research shows they actually do.  To demonstrate the value of the call review service ServExceed provides we invite any business owner to the challenge.

Here’s how it works!  ServExceed will listen to any 100 call recordings and provide a report similar to what is provided on a monthly basis to regular clients.  If 80% or more opportunity calls are converted into booked appointmetns, the sample report is free.  If conversions occur less frequently the report is $299 and a discount on ongoing reporting is unlocked for ongoing review-15% off for the next 6 months.

Managers can’t expect what they don’t inspect.  Commit to continuous improvement and take the first step today with the Call Review Challenge!

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Take the Challenge

Get Started Now

Click here to take the first step! Complete the contact information mentioning the challenge, and someone will be in touch to collect login information for recordings if available, or determine another source if not.