Customer Experience Optimization

ServExceed believes strongly that the best form of reputation management is preemptive, by placing strong emphasis on providing optimal customer experiences.  We help our clients achieve this, starting by setting the example ourselves.

It is extremely simple for a frustrated under-satisfied customer to find an alternative provider of most any product or service with 1 click. Optimizing customer experience requires constant effort and focus, and while customer service and marketing are components, there are others.

Ultimately it is the customer’s opinion that rules, even if you, the business owners/management know for certain that it is inaccurate.  Responding promptly to customer inquiries from the numerous available channels has become challenging. Studies indicate that upwards of 50% of customer service agents fail to answer customer questions satisfactorily and that over 85% of customers who change providers of a product or service, do so as a result of an unsatisfactory customer experience.

ServExceed Customer Service


To compound the problem, 80% of companies surveyed believe they are offering good or great customer experiences, while customers queried  find that only 8% are doing so!

If providing superior customer service was ever an option, those days are gone forever.

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