Frequently Asked Questions


ServExceed provides a unique and important blend of services, coupling marketing and lead generation, with customer experience optimization.  We want to ensure that you not only acquire clients, but that you retain them, by providing them with the best possible customer experience.  With ServExceed you will work directly with an owner or senior executive of the firm.  We take a personal interest in your success and strive to provide you with the same quality experience, as you should provide to your customers.

How can you help me keep my customers for a long time?

First we review and analyze your customer service practices, from your call handlers, through your sales people and anyone who interfaces with your customers.  Then we create and present you with a custom-created plan, designed to help your company go the extra mile in keeping your customers very happy with your services.

How much will your services cost me?

Our pricing varies, due to the array of services we offer.  Let’s talk and we will provide a quote in writing so there will be no surprises.

How can you help me acquire new customers?

We offer an array of lead generation and marketing solutions, including our web leads program, which drives targeted prospects directly and exclusively to you.  We can also help you with direct postal and email programs, telemarketing and optimizing your website pages, for the highest potential sales conversion percentages.  It all begins with a thorough evaluation of your unique needs, to enable our determining the best recipe for your success.  You won’t find any “One size fits all” solutions here.

How can you help me satisfy my customers?

No one can do that for you.  It must come from your company’s philosophy and commitment to a customer-centric approach.  We can, however, provide you with guidance and lead you to focusing on providing stellar customer experiences.  Reputation management should be preemptive, rather than retroactive damage control.

What is the first step?

Fill out and submit our contact form. Please includ​​e​​ ​your company name/website, a brief description of your firm, the service(s) you provide and what you consider your priority need.  One of our expert advisers will reach out to you to further explore how ServExceed can best help you.

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