Email Marketing

Email marketing instantly, efficiently, and cost effectively connects with current and prospective customers to keep them updated on the latest deals and news about your company. it allows for specific marketing to each segment of your audience.

Stay in touch with your customers.

Email marketing to existing customers allows you to stay at the top of their minds. Further, if your remarketing efforts are properly targeted and timed, they can directly influence their decision to purchase. There are a number of ways to approach remarketing, but regardless of which method you choose, the goal is the same. You simply want to draw indecisive customers back towards your business or remind customers of your offerings.

Remarketing also allows you to maintain a relationship with your customers, which can reflect very positively upon your business. Simply reaching out can show that you remember and value them. Pairing this extension of gratitude with a new offer or product reminder can lead to loyal customers who may also become advocates for your business.Collecting email addresses from your customers is important so that you can fully reap the benefits of email marketing.

Generate a continuous stream of new customers

Email marketing is fairly simple when marketing to existing customers or to those potential customers who have subscribed and have shown an interest in purchasing.

But what about using email to generate new leads, and new customers? Attracting prospects to subscribe is the first step. The second step is converting them to actually purchase products and services from your site.

Realistically, for almost every marketing channel, acquiring new customers costs your business more than you earn on their first. The real reason for pursuing new customers is that their lifetime value and referrals will ultimately provide the return on investment. With this in mind, create appropriate budgets and realistic expectations before using email for customer acquisition.


Converting new contacts is an art, and it requires tact and finesse. The habits of new subscribers will differ greatly from established customers. A customer may click directly from an email and place an order. A new subscriber may visit your site, do some comparison shopping, and then return via a Google search days later.

Rarely will you be successful on the first try. Test, measure, revise, and repeat. Your email marketing campaign will be more effective with time especially after you work out the kinks. It’s important that you not give up after one or two poor-performing deployments.