Website Design

Service businesses rely on being available at the moment when a potential client finds themselves with a need.  Being found on mobile search is critical, and having a modern site that performs on mobile phones is necessary today.  ServExceed designers work with individual business needs and deliver sites that get the job done beautifully, and make it easy for mobile browsers to connect by phone or form quickly and easily.

1. Content that resonates with visitors and search engines

Potential clients use website content to reassure themselves that they are about to make a sound decision, but if the content found on the pages of a website is not search engine friendly, few potential clients will ever see it.  Writing persuasively and technically is a special talent ServExceed possesses that many other firms simply can’t match.  Our management demonstrates extensive knowledge of many industries including many areas of contracting, home services, human resources, engineering, and many others.

2. Landing Pages

The micro commitment (small actions you ask people to take leading up to a bigger conversion step) and gaining contact information is one way to capitalize on leads from Content Marketing and nurture leads into clients.  These pages don’t exist as a permanent part of your site structure, but are created to allow people to interact with the business and react to content on an ad hoc basis.  Failing to incorporate this strategy is one way the competition can get an edge on companies who aren’t paying attention to online trends.